Our aim is to empower IT leaders to have a positive result within their companies. Knowledge in making the right IT decisions is power. Balancing business, strategy and serviceability is the key. But our biggest difference we offer as a company is that we’re people focused on the  IT – from planning, to implementation, and monitoring, we cover it all from bottom to top. We’ll be with you every step to guide and monitor.

  • Data Backup

  • Any Number Of Devices

  • Remote Users

  • Server Installs

  • Internet security

Security From Ransomware.

Globally, ransomware continues to be a major problem for all types of businesses. We’ve seen huge increases in businesses in EU countries becoming primary targets for criminals. The past 18 months (between December 2020 and June 2021) have seen the highest levels of ransomware distribution. This trend shows no signs of slowing. Oltech Office Logics Ltd. is always available to support you through attacks or discuss prevention measures. We also believe that the main protection is what happens after an attack. So we can help you design a recovery plan that best suits your needs and budget. Contact us for more information. It could be the best phone call you ever make.

Why should you be interested?

  • Guarantees 100% of running processes are trustworthy
  • Gives complete network visibility providing proactive intelligence
  • Works alongside existing endpoint security solutions
  • EDR is an additional opportunity for profit

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    The Internet has revolutionized the way that we do business and provides an essential means for companies to communicate with their staff, customers and suppliers. It makes sense then that you must secure this service.

    One of the main parts of a company’s network is the Server. This is where your data is stored, your e-mails saved, your printers are configured, your users are managed and many security policies are implemented. we can advise you of the best way to achieve your goals .

    If you have sales staff on the road or as in now a very popular choice  some of your staff work from home. It is important that your network is configured for your staff to do their job productively and securely.We can supply you with all the tools needed to carry out business whilst on the road.